Sunday, 4 May 2014

Finishing my French 9 Years War

Something a bit different. In the dark mists of time I bought two armies of 10mm Nine Years War figures to use with a variant of DBA that I came up with (called DBD). The idea was to have a French army and an Allied army for quick solo games. As always the project stalled due to the 'ohh, shiny!' complex, but I managed to finish off the French last weekend and based them up yesterday. Now I just need to complete the Allies... stay tuned for a few years down the road!
Gardes Francaises deployed on the right of the line - the Swiss down the end. The five elements of infantry in the army.
Artillery and Dragoons. The Dragoons are mounted on 2 bases so that I can swap around who is in front to indicate whether they are mounted or skirmishing. A pity I don't have the French Dragoons in stocking caps. Pendraken do them in their beautiful new range of League of Augsburg figures, but I only need three and they come in packets of 30! 
Five elements of French Cavalry led by the Maison du Roi with the general.
These are all from the old Pendraken League of Augsburg range, because when I bought them the new range hadn't been sculpted (that long ago). I'm half tempted to upgrade because the new figures are fantastic, but that defeats the purpose of trying to put this game together as cheaply as possible.


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