Saturday, 1 March 2014

Three Nil Germany over Russia

Finally played my third game of In Her Majesty's Name last night against Michael. I once more ran the society of Thule against the Imperial Cossacks, this time to try and claim some objectives. What would the outcome be this time? Would Razin roll low and be dispatched ignominiously again? Would Solokhna manage to cast a spell without knocking herself over? Would Grigori live up to his reputation as a bare (bear)-knuckle brawler? Would Yuri ever get hold of a pic-a-nic basket? Read on true believer!
Olga and Colonel Razin line up on one side of the old house while...
...Grigori and Yuri are on the other side.
Across the battlefield the Society of Thule deploys in the open. They are planning a swift snatch and grab!
Dr Kobalt stays in range to resurrect any jager who falls.
Yuri bounds forward to recover an objective. It looks uncannily like a smackeral of honey...
Long range gun fight and the jagers take first blood! Down goes Olga...
Only for Colonel Razin to deliver the same fate to Feldwebel Krieg! poor Krieg never seems to have much luck.
On the far side of the battlefield the Cossack Riflemen appear and open fire. You can just make out Solokhna skulking.
Ooops. That's what happens when you expose yourself! (Ooo-er)
On their way to capture an objective Von Stroheim and his trusty jager sidekick stumble across and over one of the crazy Cossacks!
Two lowly jagers take on a hand to hand specialist and a heroic leader. This won't end well.
Whaddaya know - Razin rolls a one. Who would have guessed?
A jager snaffles an objective. 'Say, zis tastes like honey...'
The hand to hand specialist at least manages to outlast his leader.
For some reason this is where I stopped taking photos. Yuri charged into Von Stroheim after returning form getting his objective away, and the Cossacks charged in to create one big melee. Yuri eventually fell to a bayonet in his nether-regions, and the Cossacks conceded the field. The end result was not as one sided as it might seem. The difference was that I gained more victory points for taking out Colonel Razin.
In answer to the questions above - Yes, yes, no and yes. Watching Solokhna fall over trying to raise one of the Cossack Riflemen for the second game in a row was quite amusing, I must admit.
Michael enjoyed the game, and it probably would have finished a lot faster if we hadn't been so busy talking and eating the food that John's wife Rose provided for us!



  1. Looks pretty cool!!! Where did you get the bear from???

    1. Thanks Ray. He's one of the North Star menagerie - and a firm favourite of anyone who plays the Cossacks.

  2. Good looking stuff Nate, well done!

  3. Splendid report as always. Expect to see this linked from the IHMN blog shortly.