Sunday, 16 February 2014

The SAGA Normans begin to roll off the paint tray again.

Actually they quite literally did roll off the paint tray at one stage, which led to many curses and frantic scrambling for the gesso to patch up the chipped bits in the undercoat, but that isn't what this post is meant to be about.
'So what if our shields aren't shaped like kites - we're still important!'
'CHARGE! But stay behind those guys with the heavy armour, OK?'
This is the last mounted Hearthguard unit from the Conquest Games plastic minis box. These guys aren't in chainmail and I've given them the round shields, so technically they are lighter than their compatriots, but in SAGA terms, they are riding horsies, so they are Hearthguard.

Backing them up is one of my favourite units:
'Tirez! Wait - are you aiming at my buttocks?'
8 warriors with Crossbow, courtesy of Crusader miniatures.

These guys were on the painting tray with the Cossacks, and it has taken me almost a month to finish all of them, but I'm finally there. I'm expecting that the next figures on the tray, 16 Norman Spearmen and half a dozen Black Tree Designs Saxon civilians, will be finished in a couple of weeks or so.



  1. Awesome.
    They all look top notch.

  2. Beautiful! I really like your horse colours.

    1. Cheers Michael. Vallejo Cavalry Brown with a brown ink wash and then highlighted with Cavalry Brown with a little buff added. I use Coat d'Arms brown ink. The other colours use Coat D'Arms Bay and Dun Horse colours.

  3. Excellent! Love the horses too...beautiful troops!

  4. Smart stuff, youve done well with the shield patterns.

    1. The secret is a fine tip felt technical drawing pen. I draw the pattern on first and then colour it in. It is much easier than painting shields free-hand!