Friday, 11 October 2013

Something worth fighting for

I've been plodding away at a bit of terrain recently, trying to create a small farmstead as a location for my SAGA games. I finally finished it off today.
Defenders of England prepared to protect their homes.
The defence includes those in charge of the pig sty
'No one takes my pigs alive!'
Another shot to show off the buildings and get a sense of scale.
The roof lifts off on the two houses enabling troops to be placed inside
The basic house was constructed from foamcore. This was glued to mounting board and then balsa and matchsticks were used for beams. Doors were made from balsa scored with a pencil. The roof was made from thin card glued to foamcore triangles, and then it has teddy bear fur stuck to it. The teddy bear fur was sprayed with watered down PVA (white) glue and combed with an unused comb. Once all dry the whole lot was undercoated in gesso and then painted. Drybrushed white for the daub walls while the wooden beams were painted in burnt umber and then drybrushed with a medium grey. The roof was drybrushed with raw sienna then drybrushed again with a mixed raw sienna/white highlight. And voila, my SAGA terrain is complete. I just need some pigs for the pigsty...



  1. Really excellent, Nate!!! Every dark age game....and I mean EVERY one....needs livestock :) You'll have tons of fun with these buildings.....fantastic stuff, Sir!

  2. Great stuff. I've been doing the same recently, you definitely need some livestock though!

  3. Nicely done!

    I especially like the pig sty

  4. Very nice! Marvelous colors...

  5. Thanks for the kind comments everyone. Any recommendations for good livestock?