Monday, 14 October 2013

Dystopian Wars terrain

A while back I made an island for my Dystopian Wars Britannians to sail around. It isn't anything spectacular, but I took some photos the other day when I was preparing the blog post about the Dark Ages buildings.
Cardigan Island, Britannian outpost in the war against the dastardly Prussians and French
A Closer view from a different angle.
The Britannians and Prussians are all painted and ready to go, but John and I still haven't played a game yet, as we are too busy learning SAGA and Bolt Action while continuing to play Flames of War every other games night. We definitely need more gaming time.



  1. "It isn't anything spectacular"
    I beg to disagree. That sir, is very cool indeed.

  2. That looks pretty Nate, I love the domed building. What scale is this?

    1. Thanks Scott. All of the buildings are part of the Dystopian Wars range. I'm pretty sure the scale is 1:1200