Sunday, 1 September 2013

Repainted Israeli Army ready for Fate of a Nation

So here are the tanks that I've been working on. The whole army is now repainted with the Hannants acrylic, but these photos are just the vehicles that I haven't featured before:
Quality Castings M51 Ishermans
A side shot of the M51 Ishermans
Quality Castings M50 Shermans
A close-up of one of the M50s.
Command Decision jeeps with the Quality Castings recoiless rifles attached. I found the QC jeeps too small alongside everything else.
Command Decision M48s with barrels from Quality Castings, the spare turret hatches from the M50 Shermans (you get the option of closed or open), and .50 cals from some Plastic Soldier Company Shermans.
2 QRF M48 Magachs.
The QRF Magachs from the front. I think I prefer my conversions, but you can make up your own mind.
M3 halftracks from the Plastic Soldier Company. these are a delight. In painting them, I used a mix of Vallejo Green grey and US field drab. I really like the result.
A close up of one of the M3s where I drilled a hole through the windshield and trimmed down the M1919 Browning to go through it.
Quality Castings AMX 13s. Very small tanks. I added the .50 cals from the old jeeps which are now sporting the recoiless rifles.  Not my favourite kit but it hasn't painted up too bad.
Not to be left out, here are the Command Decision BTR-152s. Nice models, although there were holes in the bodies of two of the vehicles which wasn't ideal.

So there we have it - the latest vehicles for the 6 Day War and Yom Kippur. Roll on October!



  1. Nice work Nate, lots of extra details, like the figures too

  2. A really nice collection, and well presented!

  3. Thanks guys, glad you like them.