Sunday, 1 September 2013

Fate of a Nation - official Arab-Israeli FoW

Announced on Chris Townley's blog a couple of weeks ago was the news that Battlefront are releasing a Six Day War supplement for Flames of War. The day before it was on the FoW forums, and yesterday Modeldads did a sneak peek at it.
The promo shot taken from the Wargames Illustrated Facebook page
To say I am excited about this development is a slight understatement. There are a whole load of new releases, and although I have all the T-55s, Magachs and Sho'ts that I could need, there is still plenty to whet my appetite. Here is a still shot from the Modeldad's blog of what we can expect:
From Wargames Illustrated via Modeldads blog via Flames of war forum
Out of that list I need the M3 halftrack mortars and anti-aircraft, Israeli Tokens and objectives, the Arab anti-aircraft, decals, tokens and objectives. I'd also be interested in getting the Battlefront infantry to replace or add to my Quality Castings stuff if they are nice sculpts.

I've been in touch with Owen and we both want to have a good go at recosting and rejigging the Yom Kippur lists, based on this release.

The blog has been quiet lately and I need to get the camera out and take photos of the completed Israeli army, not to mention a whole pile of other stuff. I may try and do that this afternoon.


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  1. I'm looking forward to their infantry and M3s as well! I haven't got as much stuff as you, so I'm a little more lucky in terms of the timing :)