Wednesday, 10 July 2013

First SAGA unit

Sometimes you just shouldn't fight the urge to pick up a brush and paint something out of project order. I've been dying to get paint onto these Black Tree Anglo-Danes, and have finally done so. This is my first unit of Hearthguard - the Huscarls with axes.
From the front showing the shields on the figures that have them in their hands.
Black Tree figures are really nice and welcome paint. The hardest thing to paint was the eyes due to them being so close to the edges of helmets or mail.
From the rear wit hthe figures who have their shields slung on their backs.

And another shot giving a clear view of the two figures holding their shields before them.
I think I'll move onto a unit of Fyrd as soon as I've finished off my 15mm German vehicles.



  1. You're certainly productive! I'm having trouble sitting down to it at the moment - I have the sneaking suspicion that I'm a very slow painter!

  2. Always go with the muse when possible! its more fun that way :-)

  3. Thanks guys. Back to the more traditional three tone 'Dallimore method'. I do enjoy painting figures like this.