Tuesday, 9 July 2013

First Infinity figure

Just to take a break from painting World War Two (a Fallshirmjager company in a fortnight using spare time only is a bit of overload), I painted up my first Infinity figure.

Here he is, a Bagh Mari for my Pan-Oceania Acontecimento Sectorial force. Jungle Warfare colours of brown and green with some grey in there as well.

He was a quite nice to paint, although I wish I was a better painter so I could really do justice to him. The flash really reflected off his blade, which is quite a cool effect. A non-flash pic looks like this:

It does mean that he is quite obscured by shadow though.



  1. Interesting figure Nate, nice job.

    1. Cheers Scott. I quite like the look of this game, it is heavily influenced by Anime and the rules seem really cool. A basic force is also a dozen models, which is also quite comforting.