Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Projects have been happening

Even if posting hasn't :(

All of my projects are now on hold while I concentrate on painting for John and Terry, but being the anal character that I am, I couldn't leave any loose ends, so I made sure that what was on the list to be completed  was finished.
First up, my sea boards and Prussian Dystopian Wars fleet.
The Prussian Fleet
The sea boards are 3' x 4' MDF painted blue. I was going to play around with glass coat (couldn't find it) then had the idea of using clear sealant, but in the end just plain paint looks pretty good. I'm happy anyway.
Close-up of the Prussian Battleship, Cruisers and Frigates.
I used the air brush that Marcus gave me to paint the Prussian Fleet and then put down liberal black wash and brown ink wash for the decking. The photos don't do the final effect any justice at all.
The fleets clash
I haven't even played Dystopian Wars yet due to my dislike of playing with anything that isn't painted. I'm looking forward to it, having read some great battle reports online.
I've already posted pictures of the Britannian Fleet, but not of the Bombers which I've also finished now.
Britannian Bomber
These models are very easy to paint and have a lot of character. I still have some buildings and a French fleet to put together. I'm not really interested in the land aspect of the game, as it was the ships that really caught my attention in the first place, and I'm not 100% sold on the look of the land elements.

Another project that finally got finished was my terrain boards for Superhero gaming.
Fantastic Four square off against the Frightful Four.
It looks pretty good close up, but seen from above...
Bird's eye view
...it looks pretty spartan really. I think that it is enough for me to play games with, but not quite the grand city centre I envisioned. The last two buildings that I made had all sorts of issues with different printers printing different sizes and the facades not fitting the structures. There have had to be a a lot of touch ups. There is also a very prominent bow in the building on the right. It ought to be condemned I think.
Thing and Human Torch take on Thundra and Trapster
But when you get down to street level it turns out OK,
Mr fantastic and Invisible Woman face off with the Wizard and Sandman.
Now all I need to do is play the game...
And the third game that I have been quietly building but have not played yet is X-Wing. I'm looking forward to playing this too, but like all things it is a matter of prioritising it. One of the issues I'm faced with is that Super Rugby has started again and the last half a dozen Fridays have featured one of the two teams that I support (yes, I can support two teams, based on where I have lived at different times in my life), either the Blues or the Chiefs. So my plans to solo game Fridays when I don't go to John's have been kiboshed. Anyway, here are my fleets so far:
The Imperial Fleet with obligatory Bounty Hunter on board.

The Rebels looking slightly outnumbered.
It is Games Night this Friday - I'll try and remember my camera.



  1. Looking forward to hearing how you get on with x-wing as this is becoming seriously tempting.

    1. Hi Michael
      after a couple of games of X Wing I think I can safely recommend it. We had a lot of fun, and I can see that the more players you have the more fun it would be.