Sunday, 13 September 2020

Those Crazy Brits

The Infamy, Infamy preparation continues, with 2 units of Britons and one of Numidians. Fanatics aren't in my basic army list, but they are the first cab off the rank for any extra choices my army gets. There's something very admirable about charging at your enemy with only some blue paint between your privates and their armour.
Not someone I'd like to tackle...

Another unit of Gallic Warriors - that is enough mobs for my core British Force.
The Gauls were painted with Contrast paints - particularly the flesh. By the time that you add the shield decals and basing, and a couple of little touch ups here and there, it becomes an extremely fast process with good results.
Numidian skirmishers to support the Roman legionaries

And without the shields in the way
The Numidians were painted in the old fashioned way over a black basecoat, but were again very quick to paint due to their simple schemes.

I also painted a couple more Marvel Crisis Protocol figures. This time a couple of villains to offset the two heroes already completed.
Ultron. I tried to do non-metallic metals, but I just don't think I have the patience. A couple of bits were painted with metal as a result - the wires in the legs etc.

Maybe when the bases are completed he will look a bit better?

Much happier with my Red Skull holding the Cosmic Cube.

Now getting back to the theme of this post, my first foray into comics came via British comics like the New Eagle and 2000AD. As such, I've always had a soft spot for Judge Dredd, and when Warlord released their Dredd game, I was planning to get it eventually. However, I just couldn't justify it as a priority with so many other projects. Luckily, last week the starter set was put up for sale second hand - and painted for just over half the price of a brand new boxed set. So here they are:

The figures are really nicely painted

The base black scheme on the block gang really works.

So here I have another rabbit hole to go down. But one made much easier by not having to paint them myself.
I already have Dredd and Anderson figures from Heroclix, as well as the four Dark Judges. I'll give them a repaint so that they match the new figures and introduce them into the games when I get the hang of them. 
Dredd and Anderson

I had originally intended to build the Roman force that was supported by Numidians from Infamy Infamy, but decided instead to do the Iberian backed option. I've just ordered some Iberian cavalry, and at the moment the Caetrati and British Light cavalry are on the painting tray.



  1. All great work, Nathan! Of this batch, the Celts and Numidians are my favs!

  2. Lovely job on these Nate...seems like everyone is getting into the contrast paint system at the moment....

  3. An interesting mix Nate...
    I like Red Skull... a proper villain if ever I saw one...

    When I saw the Britons I thought you had got hold of some images of one of the ‘free’ party’s/raves that have been popping up around the country...😁

    All the best. Aly