Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Huns at home

I set up a DBA game this afternoon wondering if the Huns would ever be able to make anything of themselves in this game, and to my surprise their first roll was a 1 vs the Eastern Patrician Roman 6. That meant the Huns were playing at home, and they duly selected their terrain, the last of which didn't fit on the board and was discarded.
The armies line up. Both kept their general and an element in reserve

The first turn was notable for both sides rolling a 1. Nevertheless, both made aggressive moves on opposite flanks.

It didn't take long before the Hunnic light horse had the upper hand against their Roman counterparts. The Roman response was some bow fire at the Gepid knights that got a recoil result.

A clash of arms in the centre as the Hunnic warbands charged the Roman archers and auxilia, managing to kill off an auxilia.

The last Roman Light Horse goes down. Now to deal with those pesky legionaries.

The result was the flight of the first of the Hun light horse. In the centre more flanking moves were carried out.

By now all of the Light Horse have been forced to flee by the Roman Legionaries, while the centre remains stalemated.

This Hun facing the wrong way in between the legionaries and competing cavalry managed to somehow survive the game.
But the camp is unguarded and seized and plundered by the Huns, signalling the end of the game. Bacon for dinner tonight!

4-1 victory to the Huns
I've never seen the Huns do so well, and a lot of it had to do with some poor Roman PIP dice, but also the manoeuvrability of the Light Horse. Spreading the legionaries between the two wings might have been an answer, but I was trying to keep them away from the Warband quick kill ability.

At any rate, I was very pleased wit hthis Hunnic performance, as I felt that they were totally outgunned by their Roman opponents in past games.



  1. Congratulations to the Huns, and to you for this superb report .... hoping that the bacon is not poisoned ...Love the camp btw!