Saturday, 16 June 2018

Moss troopers, werewolves and Ned Kelly wannabes

This is the latest round of painting for Geoff, and again it is a bit of an eclectic mix.
First up, some Perry Moss troopers:
I used the beautiful illustrations from the Osprey Border Reivers MAA for inspiration regarding colours, while trying to make them suitably drab at the same time.

And all 5 together
Then it was on to some Warlord Games Werewolves:
These were fun figures to paint.

The view from the rear
Finally, there are these Artizan pulp constables in armour, basically Ned Kelly rip offs, and they are seen in this photo with a captured German zombie officer (can you capture a zombie? Would you want to?).
So that was a fun lot of painting to do, and they'll be heading to the South Island on Monday.

Now I have some 28mm Warlord Games Napoleonic French artillery and a batch of rebel alliance troopers to paint. I may try and sneak a bit of my own painting in there too.



  1. Certainly an eclectic mix of figures to paint, and all looking good.

  2. Fun mix of figures and excellent brushwork, Nathan.

  3. Great looking Moss Trooper - I have been tempted for some time to acquire some of these to use as ECW Covenanters

  4. Magnificient Moss troopers!

  5. Fabulous work on a wonderfully eclectic mix.

  6. Thanks everyone. I enjoy Geoff's commissions because they're always an interesting mix of figures to paint.

  7. Great mix - some times you just have to clear the backlog.

  8. All very nice but I particularly like the werewolves.