Monday, 21 May 2018

A battalion of French

These 16 figures seemed to take ages to paint, and not just because I was doing a bit here and there in between other painting. The problem with them was that I had to keep revisiting colours. So after painting white trousers, I then had to paint the roll on the knapsack grey and go back and paint the straps white, only to then need to paint the cuffs and collar red and then paint the piping white again. I need to really think through the order that I paint the various colours.
I'm also not sure about the final effect. I should have gone with black or dark grey under the white, as the light grey doesn't bring out the details enough. See what you think:
Advancing in attack column

From the other side

And in line formation
They just don't seem to pop, for some reason. I'm sure the British will, but these guys don't. I'll use London grey as the base coat for the white and be much more picky when highlighting the detail with the next unit. Not that I'll be getting to them anytime soon - far too much else to paint at the moment. The Peninsular War is the 2019 project, I just did these chaps as a trial.



  1. They look quite good to me. I have always enjoyed the Alsop Old Glory figures.

  2. Great looking unit, love the different poses 'En marche', well done!

  3. A great looking unit Nate!

  4. A very nice looking unit, and the basing your have done adds greatly to the look.

  5. I know everyone’s their own worst critic, but these pop just fine to my eye! Nice work!

  6. Nice looking battalion. Love the photo setting as well.