Monday, 15 January 2018

On a painting streak

I've been busy with the brushes over the last few days, and managed to progress some projects.
German grenadiers for Craig. As always, he will add the tufts etc.
Houses for East Prussia - I'm going to need these for the Seven Years War and WWI
IR19 Markgraf Karl, somewhere in East Prussia
Musketeer Regiment 14 Salm-Salm.
This and the previous regiment are all Lancashire Games figures
2 batteries of Union artillery
2 batteries of Confederate artillery
Kampfgruppe Muller for Team Yankee
And another angle.
The West Germans were a bit of a spur of the moment thing. I'd got the airbrush out for some bits and pieces for Craig, and thought I might as well have a go with these guys. I really like how they turned out. Oh dear, remember what I said about focusing on purchasing terrain this year? I think I might have a new distraction already...

On the painting tray are some French colonels for John, some Prodos Marines for Alien vs Predator for Glenn, some Samurai for Dan and another Austrian regiment (Hoch & Deutschmeister), so plenty of variety to come. Also, hopefully I'll get a game in real soon.



  1. You have been quite busy at the painting desk, Nathan!

    I like the look of the Lancashire SYW figures and your fine brushwork. My SYW project is almost exclusively Eureka but I ought to get a few Lancashire to compare and perhaps field a few battalions.

    1. I think the infantry would match up very well, although, as you now, the cavalry do not.

  2. Quite a variety of projects on the go. The team Yankee models certainly have come up a treat.

    1. Thanks Peter. Yes, I'm quite happy with the results. Obviously time to expand...

  3. Very nice results on these chaps Nathan!

  4. That is certainly an interesting mix. You have to watch those distractions or the next thing you know you will have a whole army in front of you.

    1. Well, they were pretty quick to paint up. Not too much of a distraction really...