Thursday, 30 November 2017

Nothing November

The last day of November already? I haven't posted for over a month! I must have done heaps of wargaming stuff.
Well, no.
The end of year has never, ever, been this busy. Education is changing, and with it the slow wind down at the end of the year where you had time to review, reflect and prepare your courses for the next year has effectively disappeared. Now gone is the concept of a deadline, to be replaced by students leaving their assessments to the last minute. Not exactly teaching them life skills, is it? But I'm just a cog in the machine...

Anyway, the spare time I have had for hobbies has gone to painting for others, in particular, Craig. He sent me through his Walking Dead board game and I have been working through the figures trying to get them all painted for him by Xmas.
Below are some samples of what has come off the painting tray intermittently in the last couple of weeks:

(These guys have since been finished off with eyes and stuff)

So tonight I'll get the latest load of zombies completed and then onto the next lot of survivors.

As for the Six by Six, I'm going to have to put up my hands and surrender. There's no way I'm going to get any games played between now and when the family head to Australia for a holiday. Still, I don't think I did too bad overall with 25/36 games played and 3 of the sets of six completed. And I did play every game, including one of systems that I abandoned.
We'll have to see how I do next year...



  1. Great to hear from you and cracking work on the Walking Dead zeds.

    1. Thanks Michael. I'll do a parade when they are completed.

  2. You are still ahead of me in the challenge (I am at 24). I am hoping to have time at the end of December to get in a few more games. But I do not think I will make it either.

    1. Never mind Shaun, we've both played some great games along the way. I have made some learnings for next year though, and it is important to aim to gets in 4 games a month just to stay on track and allow for those months where you end up snowed under, like November (not literally - it is the end of spring in this neck of the woods).

  3. Indeed 25 games is not be sniffed at. My goal was 24, I think I will make 22.