Sunday, 30 July 2017

Napoleon in Egypt - a bit of painting

A while back Allan from Lancashire Games sent me some samples of his new Napoleon in Egypt range. The idea was to paint them up and do a blog review. Jonathan over at Palouse Wargaming Journal (second time in as many posts I've linked to you, Jonathan!) was given the same opportunity and beat me to it by, oh, I don't know, 4 months or so. His review is very good - comprehensive about the range and his painting is enough to inspire anyone to want to put a project together with these figures.

Well, I got there eventually, although I've still got a number of figures to do. Here are some snaps:
Artillery crew, with a Napoleonic 12 pounder also made by Lancashire Games.
 The figures are very easy to paint. In my rush I forgot to do the brass ends on their scabbards, and on reflection the strap for the gourd should be brown, not white, but I'll fix those up. I also got the cockades wrong. White on the outside but then red and blue in the centre. I will touch these things up later.
Two members of the 2eme Legere.
 The same comments as for the artillery also apply to these chaps, in terms of my painting.
 And some alternate angles for viewing.
So what do I think? First of all they are big and chunky, and this is obvious from the photos. There is a certain amount of caricature in the faces and hands, and the muskets are very fat. If you are an anatomical purest, then this range is not for you. However, the caricature makes them very easy to paint, and gives them plenty of personality. I can almost hear them talking to each other (right, that's it, he's lost it), the artillery officer shouting at his crew to get ready, here come the Mamelukes again!

I'm going to invest in an army of these guys, and a matching bunch of Mamelukes. Nothing too major, forces suitable for One Hour Wargames scenarios is what I am thinking at present, but it is such a colourful and flavourful period I am hooked.

The range is available here, and there is another 24 hours or so left in their current sale.



  1. Excellent brushwork, Nathan! I like your work on the 2nd Line. I agree with your assessment regarding the caricature-like nature of the sculpts and find the artillery crew the best in the lot.

    I could see using this range of figures for a self-contained project where all figures are from this line. Small opposing armies of these guys would good on the table and have plenty of character.

    Finally, your linking back the Palouse Wargaming Journal are much appreciated!

    1. Yes, definitely making plans to buy a few more!

  2. Nice job Nathan - our group may be looking at Napoleon in Egypt as our next project, once we finish the War of 1812 - but we will be doing 25/28mm figures....

    1. The Perry range is very tempting. But I'm much more of a 15mm (18mm) person when it comes to big battalion type games.

  3. They look fantastic Nathan!

    1. Thanks Rodger. More to come soon.