Saturday, 24 December 2016

Six by six - challenge accepted

Over on his blog Kaptain Kobold has laid down a challenge. He wonders why a lot of online challenges revolve around painting and modelling. What about a challenge around playing? This makes much more sense to me, as painting, with the exception of the second half of last year, is not something I need extrinsic motivation for, but I never seem to get many games played considering how much time I spend behind a paintbrush.

The idea is to choose 6 rulesets and play six games of each over the course of the next year. I can do that! It will also help that some of the rulesets that I choose will actually be homegrown and need playtesting and development. So my choices of games will be:

DBA 3.0
Vikings vs Anglo-Saxons. I've been developing a mini-campaign for these guys.
Honours of War
A Seven Years War game in action
Clobberin' Time
Time to develop my own universe of supers
Lord of the Rings for Star Wars
Continuing to work out adaptations and drawing up a qrs which includes the necessary stats.
Crimean War rules
Adapting Neil Thomas' nineteenth century wargames rules.
Broken Legions
The actual Soldiers of the Eagle warband looks a bit different to this.
A couple of things from this list to note. The first is that I've decided to give the Keith Flint's Osprey rules for the Seven Years War a decent try out. I reread them in the last couple of days and quite like what I've read, so they deserve further investigation. 
I love the atmosphere of Broken Legions, and am very curious as to how it will play. It looks like the kind of game that will need several goes to get the hang of.
The Crimean rules are well formed and may need a little tweaking here and there, but a small six game campaign would be quite nice to write up.
I played one game of Star Wars using the Lord of the Rings rules as a basis and found they worked well. I now need to start working on adding in the force and lightsabre rules.
Clobberin' Time is the brainchild of Kaptain Kobold himself, and I look forward to playing around with his rules some more, while developing the NDC universe a little more.
I managed 6 games of DBA last year anyway, so I don't see it as being a challenge for 2017.
Flames of War v.4 is not in here, but I know I will be playing it on club nights anyway. I figure I would rather use the challenge to play the games that I don't get played often enough.

By focusing on these periods to game I also hope to focus my painting to only these projects this year. I still have leftover painting for other people from the second half of last year that I need to catch up on, so limiting myself to some extra Crimean Russians, a few Broken Legions warbands and some DBA armies seems like a good idea. If there is time at the end of the year and I have finished my painting for everyone else, I will start painting for Muskets and Tomahawks. At the moment I am just finishing off the last few Seven Years War units.

The WWI project will now slip back to 2018. When I do this, I want to do it all together, starting with the FoW Great War Brits, Germans and French, and then moving into the 1914 armies.

Great plans. Expect everything to change...



  1. An intriguing challenge but not one in which I have much chance of success. I barely make twelve games in a year. Tripling that seems way beyond reach.

  2. Clobberin' Time!

    Thanks for being the only person (including me) to chose one of my own sets of rules for the challenge :)

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing how this challenge pans out. I'm one game in, just 35 more to go!

    1. I think you take the prize for being the first person to play a 6x6 Challenge game in 2017 :)