Monday, 20 April 2015

French and Indian Wars

These are the latest commission for Geoff and I'm really happy how they came out.

First up, a Redoubt Enterprises canoe with two Indian warriors paddling it.
These are followed with some Blue Moon Manufacturing 28mm French.

These were really nice figures to paint and an interesting point is that the bases pictured are actually the bases the figures are cast with. It makes them nice and hefty. One issue though. I don't like it when sculptors try to sculpt eyes with pupils. It actually makes them harder to paint.
"'Allo, 'allo, 'allo - I feel much more vivid now me old son"
After looking at the photos of the police in the last post I felt that they looked a bit flat. They were three tone but the base colour was too close to black. So I added a pale blue highlight to all the figures and I think they are much more 'alive' now. Above are three of them.

On this commission I have some zombie apocalypse Scooby gangers and some scantily clad (or unclad) females left to do. I'll be into those tomorrow as tonight is Game of Thrones night!