Friday, 19 December 2014

Building on the World War Two project

I had to order some bases recently, and when looking at Sarissa Precision's website I noticed that they did a range of MDF buildings for NW Europe for 10-12 pounds. This wasn't of much use to me, as my Bolt Action armies are designed for Italy and Russia. But at second glance I fancied that I could make them work in an Italian setting. So I ordered two buildings. here is the first that I've painted up. It is quite orange-red looking, but will be in a town full of more yellowy coloured buildings. 

New Zealand troops cautiously move around the corner of the building.
Now in occupation of the first floor. 'Say, this place is awfully clean for a building that's been hit by artillery!'
Another view with more from the front visible.
I scored and painted some corrugated cardboard and glued it onto the roof to give the impression of tiles. The side that isn't in the photos actually worked much better.
This building does look pretty clean, but when I've completed all of the buildings for the village I'll add in rubble, dust and drybrushed scorch marks to get a bit more realistic effect.