Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Civilians for SAGA

Just off the painting tray are a few villagers for my Anglo-Danes to protect against the vile Vikings and nasty Normans.
'Look how peaceful and idyllic our existence is. What we really don't want is anyone invading us and introducing feudalism. We'd be moaning about it for countless generations.'
Training man's best friend to bite Norwegians is a suitable past-time for all children.
Additionally, train your children to run away while the dog is biting said Norwegian.
Life in Anglo-Saxon England was hard. This man is only 25 years old...
At least one of the objectives for a Viking or Norman raid, poor lass. 

I look forward to populating the village with these fine people in a future game of SAGA.



  1. lovely job - and if i was a viking i'd be looking for that lass.

    1. or if you were a Norman, Saxon, Irishman, Scotsman, Welshman, Skraeling.....

      great work on these civvies :)

  2. Excellent painting and brilliant captions!

  3. Really nice work, adds a bit of character to the table top. SAGA tables can look a bit barren if you just stick to the rulebook for terrain.

  4. I guess it's the role-player in me, but I'm always a sucker for civilian figures and these are really great. Are they Gripping Beast?

  5. Excellent work with these civilians, love the '25 years old' man...

  6. Great stuff mate. Nice to see some non-combatants.

  7. Real good looking civilians. Will make your game table extra special with that civilian touch.

  8. Thanks for the comments everybody. The figures are Black Tree Designs from their 'feudal' range. BTD are really characterful figures. If they did an early eighteenth century range I'd be a pauper. As it is I've got WW2, Dark Ages, Gallic, Trojan war and Zulu War armies from them (most still needing paint of course).